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Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Pamper your hair with a Brazilian blow-out, or one of our deep conditioning treatments. Our stylists are trained in Brazilian blow-out and many other amazing treatments. Our various treatments are  for all hair types from straight to the most unruly or curls and frizz. All of these treatments will also help to cut down on your styling time, add shine, and beautiful bounce. All of our treatments  are hand picked special for you by our stylists. All prices vary depending on which treatment that is chosen for you.

Brazilian Blow-Out

Enjoy your vacation or any day as well with no frizz. Chlorine and salt water have no effect on a Brazilian blow-out. Each time you touch your hair, you will feel the conditioning and silky feeling along with visible shine. Vacations will never be the same so how can you go wrong.

Deep Treatment Conditioning 

Pamper your hair with one of our special treatments customized for your hair. Let us restore the strength and elasticity to your hair by giving it the healthy and youthful appearance it once had.

B3 Intensive- it protects your hair against breakage, helps strengthen and reinforce bonds. It will also provide your hair with intense hydration plus it help prevent your color from fading. Also enjoy the heat while you sit under our weightless dryer and feel the heat strengthening your hair.

Tame Frizz- this is a smoothing reconstructor. It restores damaged, frizzy hair and improves style ability.

Lux Oil- one of our nourishing hair masks for luminous hair with camellia seed oil and white tea extract.

Pai-Shau-  our Vegan supreme revitalizing mask is a rare blend of high performance cationic polymers that infuse weightless moisture and volume back into your hair. This mask will leave your hair silk, smooth , and a shine that lasts.

Moroccan Oil Treatment- This is warm blend of Argon oils are made to  enrich and strengthen your lushious locks. With adding shine and deep conditioning.

Mizani Scalp care-  a custom deep conditioning treatment infused with aloe, avocado oil and sunflower oil. It helps with dry. Itchy scalp.

Nioxin-Scalp Renew treatment which is a dermabrasion for your scalp, designed by a dermatologist to cleanse the scalp of impurities and leave it feeling clean a airy.

Additional Information Pertaining to Our Treatments:

  • Consultation is required for all treatments
  • $100 deposit required at the time of the appointment which will be put towards the service. Non-refundable if canceled within 2 weeks of the appointment



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